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  • Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕

    Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕

    This is one of the nostalgic childhood snack – Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake.  It has been a long-time since I ate this snack and recently, I saw it selling at one of the Teochew Cake shops and bought one to try. It is really sweet or too sweet for my liking. So, I…

  • Teochew Orh-Nee (Yam Paste) 潮州芋泥

    Teochew Orh-Nee (Yam Paste) 潮州芋泥

    As the name suggests, usually you can find Teochew Orh-Nee (Yam Paste) in Teochew Chinese restaurants as it is a traditional Teochew cuisine. The Teochew people (潮州人) are Chinese native to the Chaoshan (潮汕) region of eastern Guangdong province in China who speaks the Teochew dialect. From the 19th century, significant numbers of Teochew people…