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  • Jiu Fen Taro & Sweet Potato Balls 九份芋圆地瓜圆

    Jiu Fen Taro & Sweet Potato Balls 九份芋圆地瓜圆

    Since we won’t be making a trip to Taiwan’s Jiu Fen (九份) any sooner to eat my husband’s favourite dessert: Jiu Fen Taro Balls九份芋圆, I shall make it at home. I remember very clearly the first time we travelled to Jiu Fen, we took a long bus ride there and it was raining throughout, and…

  • Sweet Potato Ginger Soup 红薯姜汤

    Sweet Potato Ginger Soup 红薯姜汤

    A good friend was visiting me few days back, so I asked her what she would like to eat and I would cook for her. She requested for Sweet Potato Ginger Soup 红薯姜汤. Good thing was, my elder sister was just back from Japan and brought back a beautiful purple skin (white flesh) sweet potato.…

  • Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    The moment I bite into this snack, the brown Gula Melaka would just oozed out and filled my mouth with the sweetness from the liquid. Together with the aroma from the grated coconut and the bland-sweetness of the outer wrap, it always gives me the heavenly feeling. It is nothing but the oozing Ondeh-Ondeh. I…