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  • Steamed Pumpkin Bun / Man Tou (南瓜馒头)

    Steamed Pumpkin Bun / Man Tou (南瓜馒头)

    When you see the steamed bun a.k.a. Man Tou (馒头), what would cross your mind? For me, it will be Chilli crabs and Curry sauce. These two are always the best complements for the steamed bun, I would think. But, the usual Man Tou is a bit boring for me. Since I managed to find…

  • Mooncake Agar Agar

    Mooncake Agar Agar

    Every year, I will look forward to receiving the Mooncake Agar Agar from my mum’s friend who makes really delicious mooncake agar agar. Mooncake agar agar is agar agar (jelly) filled with the lotus seed paste filling and moulded into the shape of a moon cake. I love agar agar, I love lotus seed paste,…