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  • Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕

    Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕

    This is one of the nostalgic childhood snack – Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake.  It has been a long-time since I ate this snack and recently, I saw it selling at one of the Teochew Cake shops and bought one to try. It is really sweet or too sweet for my liking. So, I…

  • Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    The moment I bite into this snack, the brown Gula Melaka would just oozed out and filled my mouth with the sweetness from the liquid. Together with the aroma from the grated coconut and the bland-sweetness of the outer wrap, it always gives me the heavenly feeling. It is nothing but the oozing Ondeh-Ondeh. I…

  • Muah Chee

    Muah Chee

    Muah Chee has been my all-time favourite snack and dessert since young. It is also my sister’s favourite food, and when we were young, whenever we passed by the muah-chee stall in Pasar Malam, we would definitely get a packet each. I do remember many years ago, there was a granny who sold very delicious…