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  • Meat & Broccoli Patties

    Meat & Broccoli Patties

    While I was trying to think for the next day breakfast menu for my kids, a food programme on the television gave me an idea. I can serve patties to G&G. I love to make my own burger but haven’t tried doing one for my kids. Combing through my refrigerator, I found these ingredients that…

  • Savoury Crepe with Soya Sauce Chicken

    Savoury Crepe with Soya Sauce Chicken

    Personally, I love to eat savoury crepe with soya sauce chicken. I remember I have eaten a very delicious savoury crepe wrapped with mayonnaise, lettuce and chicken in Osaka couple of years back and never forget the taste. It sounds like a very simple crepe with fillings that is available at many places but the…