Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu

This is a No-Alcohol, No-Bake, No-Egg Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu. I have made this Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu for people who doesn't like dessert with alcohol and for those who would like to give Tiramisu to their kids, and for Chocolate lovers, this is a must try recipe. This Kiddo Hut's Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu [...]

By | March 17th, 2015|Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe, Western Cuisine|2 Comments

Non-Bake Tiramisu

This non-bake Tiramisu recipe is adapted from a baker when I attended a baking lesson in year 2010 just to make a birthday treat for my then-boyfriend, currently my husband. Indeed, quite long time ago and luckily I still have my notes with me. While I was thinking hard what to buy for Christmas for [...]

By | December 15th, 2014|Dessert, Western Cuisine|1 Comment