Tips on buying a camera

School holiday is here again! This means additional outings and probably overseas holidays with your family. Are you thinking of investing in a new camera or simply replacing your existing camera yet unsure how to select one given that we are living in the era where we are spoilt for choices when come to camera. [...]

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5 Tips to Travel at ease with Young Toddlers

After our twins’ virgin trip to Perth for holidays at the age of 8 months, we brought them to New Zealand last month. Although they are now young toddlers, it wasn’t any easier compared to the earlier trip. They simply couldn't sit still and always ready to explore around. So, what to look out for [...]

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7 Things You can Do During Breastfeeding

You do not have to stare blankly in the air while breastfeeding. You may be admiring your cutie pie while you are nursing him/her, but if you nurse him/her every 2-3 hours for at least half an hour or so, probably you will get bored just staring at him/her. Let me give you some ideas, there [...]

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10 Tips to better sleep for baby

10 tips to better sleep for baby and mummy - this article is specifically written for the benefits of the first-time parents in particular, who are going through sleeping problems with their infant(s) like we did with our twins last time. These are frequently asked questions by mummies and daddies, "Why my baby doesn't fell [...]

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From Boardroom to Playroom: Decoding the SAHM’s DNA

From Boardroom to Playroom: Decoding the SAHM's DNA Essentially, there is no financial benefits being a Stay-At-Home-Mom (known as SAHM hereafter), instead it is an economically senseless or irrational to be a SAHM. Then, why are there so many SAHM? In fact, I am one too for now. So, what is the rationale for being [...]

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What to ask and look out for when choosing a Childcare Centre?

For past couple of months, we have been busy looking for a child-care centre for G&G to enter next year. We have been warned that for some popular child-care centres, the waiting time can be as long as half year to a year. Like any first-time parents, we started to ask around for tips on [...]

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Part 6: Is there a Way to Save Monies?

Is there a way to save monies? Yes, many many ways! I have 15 tips and tricks to share. 1. Budget, budget, budget. Track performance, review spending and amend budget. 2. Find opportunity to refinance mortgage loan. It is always good to source for lower interest loan package and make a switch. Would it be [...]

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Part 5: Why do I always Burst my Wallet?

"Why do I always burst my wallet?" This is a common mystery to many people. It is pretty easy to find the solution. Is your budget a realistic one or just some numbers you are hoping it will happen? And, what has possibly gone missing or wrong? 1. Major category and arbitrary amount - You [...]

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7 Tips to Survive without a Full-Time Domestic Helper

“Salute to you mummy, how do you survive your daily life with taking care of your twins without a full-time domestic helper or maid (to be used interchangeably) ?” This is one of the questions frequently asked by my friends as well as strangers on the street. it seems like an amazing feat that I [...]

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