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Pipper Standard Household Products Review

Pipper Standard Household Products Review. Have you or any of your family members ever suffered from allergic reactions on the skin after using certain types or brands of household cleaning products? Or, the cleaning products simply make your skin felt dry after using? Imagine now you have a choice of household cleaning products including but [...]

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Lifefactory Glass Bottles Review

"BPA-Free Products Still Contain Bisphenols of Equal Toxicity" - by Dr. Mecola on June 20, 2012 "Is BPA-free Plastic Safe?" - by Marygrace Taylor on March 28, 2014 "BPA-Free Plastic Containers May Be Just as Hazardous" - by Jenna Bilbrey on August 11, 2014 ________________________________________________________________________________ These are just few of the many articles that raise [...]

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