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Red Bean Lotus Seed Soup

Red Bean Lotus Seed Soup is usually served in a wedding dinner after the long course dinner. It symbolises fertility blessing to the newly wed couple or wishes the newly wed to have a lovely baby soon (早生贵子). Another variation is to add Lily bulb 百合, which symbolises a good match of a hundred year [...]

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Braised Pork Belly Bun (Kong-Bak-Pau)

This dish to some is fattening and I don't deny that. Whenever I eat Braised Pork Belly Bun (Kong-Bak-Pau), which I called it Chinese Burger, I always remove the skin and fats, just eat the lean meat. So, what's the fun of it many ask me. I just don't want to add more weight to [...]

By | October 16th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake /Tim Sum|1 Comment

Tomato Sauce

I have been searching high and low for a tomato sauce that doesn't come with "natural favours" or salt and almost impossible to buy it from store. Hence, I have decided to make some for my tots. They love pasta. This is an easy sauce to make, just a little time-consuming. I used the slow [...]

By | October 14th, 2014|Kid-friendly Recipe, Snack, Western Cuisine|3 Comments

Teochew Orh-Nee (Yam Paste) 潮州芋泥

As the name suggests, usually you can find Teochew Orh-Nee (Yam Paste) in Teochew Chinese restaurants as it is a traditional Teochew cuisine. The Teochew people (潮州人) are Chinese native to the Chaoshan (潮汕) region of eastern Guangdong province in China who speaks the Teochew dialect. From the 19th century, significant numbers of Teochew people [...]

By | October 13th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe|1 Comment

Osmanthus Jelly(桂花糕)

Osmanthus Jelly is one of the cold desserts I would top on after a hearty meal in a Cantonese restaurant. This dessert is usually served in Cantonese restaurants. However, each time I made an order for this dessert, I would surely feel a pinch for my wallet. A small piece usually costs few Singapore dollars. [...]

By | October 10th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe|5 Comments

Steamed Pumpkin Bun / Man Tou (南瓜馒头)

When you see the steamed bun a.k.a. Man Tou (馒头), what would cross your mind? For me, it will be Chilli crabs and Curry sauce. These two are always the best complements for the steamed bun, I would think. But, the usual Man Tou is a bit boring for me. Since I managed to find [...]

By | October 5th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake /Tim Sum|5 Comments

Steamed Yam Cake / Orh Kueh for Tots

This recipe is similar to the one (Steamed Yam Cake / Orh Kueh) for adults, but I have modified the recipe for my toddlers. Presenting Steamed Yam Cake / Orh Kueh for Tots. No additional seasoning and less salt. I have made it as healthy and nutritional as possible. It is a tweak from normal [...]

By | October 1st, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake /Tim Sum|1 Comment

Steamed Yam Cake / Orh Kueh (芋头糕)

Following the Steamed Pumpkin Mushroom Cake, today I decided to cook Yam Cake / Orh Kueh (芋头糕) for both adults and toddlers at home. In fact, the way to cook Yam Cake and Pumpkin Cake is almost similar except the amount of water as Yam "absorbs" water whereas Pumpkin "produces" water during the process of [...]

By | October 1st, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake /Tim Sum|1 Comment

Traffic-Lights Steamed Cupcakes

Traffic-Lights Steamed Cupcakes Recipe. Ever since my twins tots turned 13 months, they became picky over their food. On one hand they are learning to be independent, trying to do self-feed, on the other hand, they have a sharper taste buds than before, always prefer our food than theirs. Hence, to entice them to eat [...]

By | September 26th, 2014|Fusion Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake|0 Comments

Assorted Agar Agar for Kids

Following my mooncake agar agar recipe, I have been trying to do a varieties of agar agar that is suitable for my tots. In fact, I have also sent some to my friends' tots, they love it and called for more. I prefer less sugary food, if not no sugar food for my tots and [...]

By | September 24th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe|0 Comments