Category: Peranakan Kueh

  • Lapis Sagu 九层糕

    Lapis Sagu 九层糕

    Another of my favourite childhood snack – Lapis Sagu 九层糕. What’s nice about Lapis Sagu? I love the stretchy texture, the coconut aroma and the peeling layer by layer. And, I am always attracted by the colours as well.  However, what I could get from the stalls is sweet, too sweet for me. So, what’s next?…

  • Kueh Dadar

    Kueh Dadar

    Kueh Dadar, sold out again! At times, when I have this craving of eating Kueh Dadar, it is just sold out. Frustrated, I was determined to do this Kueh at home. And, it also turns out to be my mum and hubby’s favourite Peranakan kueh. All the more I should master it. It shouldn’t be…

  • Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    Oozing Ondeh-Ondeh

    The moment I bite into this snack, the brown Gula Melaka would just oozed out and filled my mouth with the sweetness from the liquid. Together with the aroma from the grated coconut and the bland-sweetness of the outer wrap, it always gives me the heavenly feeling. It is nothing but the oozing Ondeh-Ondeh. I…