Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi pancake is one of my favourite Korean dishes and a must-have whenever I visit a Korean restaurant. I still can remember the taste of the Kimchi pancake I had during my holidays in Korea. Actually, there is nothing to shout about for this recipe as I have used the premix Korean pancake flour. But, [...]

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Wok-cooked Char Siu / BBQ Pork

Why the name 'Wok-cooked Char Siu / BBQ Pork'? It is because this Char Siu is cooked using wok rather than oven. My twin toddlers love Char Siu but those stall-bought are usually cooked with oyster sauce, lots of sugar and colouring which I find unhealthy for them. From a cooking page on Facebook, I [...]

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Black Vinegar Pig Trotter with Ginger 猪脚薑醋

Black Vinegar Pig Trotter with Ginger is one of the confinement foods for most Chinese women after childbirth, usually to be given after 12th day of delivery. Apparently, black vinegar is to "cleanse" the uterus and the calcium, collagen and oil on the pig trotter to replenish and repair couple of the internal organs, bones [...]

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Meat & Broccoli Patties

While I was trying to think for the next day breakfast menu for my kids, a food programme on the television gave me an idea. I can serve patties to G&G. I love to make my own burger but haven't tried doing one for my kids. Combing through my refrigerator, I found these ingredients that [...]

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