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I am a mummy blogger and my blog mainly focuses on sharing cool tips and tricks on various aspects that are of interests to families and households including cooking, parenting, housekeeping, lifestyle, finances, food as well as different avenues about nurturing the senses and skills of young children. I hope everyone and anyone who visits Kiddo Hut can benefit from the content one way or another. My interests are travelling, trying out new technology gadgets, photography, trying out different eateries and in particularly, whipping up some dishes for my loved ones. My collection of all great recipes including those specifically for young toddlers, are made available in this blog too. Do visit the page - Taste Buds Recipes, they are all easy and fuss-free recipes. Seriously, I have no time for difficult and tedious cooking.

Pipper Standard Household Products Review

Pipper Standard Household Products Review. Have you or any of your family members ever suffered from allergic reactions on the skin after using certain types or brands of household cleaning products? Or, the cleaning products simply make your skin felt dry after using? Imagine now you have a choice of household cleaning products including but [...]

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Fail-proof Bread with filling

This is the first baked item recipe I have issued here, and I have always wanted to bake a staple food - bread. A bread that is soft in texture and low sugar yet one that does not required too much time as we all know, bread-making is always time consuming. I have tried few recipes, this recipe [...]

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Easy Almond Cookies

This has been an old recipe that I have been using before my old oven broken down and once again, after couple of years without oven, finally I put my hands on these Easy Almond Cookies especially when Chinese New Year is just round the corner. What I like about this recipe is, this cookies doesn't [...]

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Cruise – Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas

Actually, I did not have an intention to blog this mini family trip but many friends have been asking for feedback and reviews on my experience with this cruise. So, here it is, the review on the Cruise of Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas! Source: Photo taken from album purchased on board Verdict: [...]

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I have always wanted to make my own Lasagna so that I can add whatever ingredients I like. Unfortunately, my old oven has given up on me few years back and this "project" has waited until now. For the first time I have made my own Lasagna and very surprised by the result. In fact, [...]

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Pear, Apple and dry Fig with Pork Rib Soup

This Pear, Apple and dry Fig with Pork Rib soup cures cough and this has been proven by myself and my kids. Recently, we have been coughing quite badly, and my cough was those dry kind and very irritable especially at night when I was sleeping. My mum got this recipe from her friend who [...]

By | June 8th, 2015|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Soup|1 Comment

Tips on buying a camera

School holiday is here again! This means additional outings and probably overseas holidays with your family. Are you thinking of investing in a new camera or simply replacing your existing camera yet unsure how to select one given that we are living in the era where we are spoilt for choices when come to camera. [...]

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Bak Kwa Fried Rice

Have you tried Bak Kwa Fried Rice? This is my most recent "invention" and improvised by my mother who added some sliced okra (a.k.a. =lady fingers) in the fried rice which made the fried rice tasted smoother. This dish was inspired by some Bak Kwa I bought at a food fair recently at the Singapore [...]

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Sago Gula Melaka

Ever since I have tasted this dessert - Sago Gula Melaka at the high-tea buffet at Shangri-la Hotel two weeks back, I never forget the sweetness from the Coconut Sugar (a.k.a Gula Melaka) and the aroma of the coconut milk. This inspired me to make it myself. I am pretty sure it is a very [...]

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Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu

This is a No-Alcohol, No-Bake, No-Egg Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu. I have made this Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu for people who doesn't like dessert with alcohol and for those who would like to give Tiramisu to their kids, and for Chocolate lovers, this is a must try recipe. This Kiddo Hut's Very Easy Chocolate Tiramisu [...]

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