Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕

Teochew Granny's Cake Soft Cake

This is one of the nostalgic childhood snack – Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake.  It has been a long-time since I ate this snack and recently, I saw it selling at one of the Teochew Cake shops and bought one to try. It is really sweet or too sweet for my liking. So, I surfed through the internet trying to look for a recipe which I can make. Unfortunately, it is never named as Granny’s cake and the search was futile until I was looking at a cooking blog and saw the beautiful picture of soft cake which resembles what I have been looking for. Ah ha! So, it is known as soft cake. This recipe was shared by few bloggers and I have modified based on Anncoo Journal. I have tried the other bloggers’ recipes with equal amount of wheat starch and tapioca starch but the cake turned out to be a bit “tough”. Modifications that I have made: I have increased the amount of wheat starch to give a more QQ texture yet it doesn’t stick on your teeth. I used vanilla essence to get an “original” taste and to be as close to those we get from the shops. Also, reduced the amount of sugar as personally, I prefer not too sweet cake and I can share some with my kids. In addition, I have added half teaspoon of olive oil into the ingredients which eases the rolling and cutting of the cake.

Key pointers to share:

1. Instead of red colouring, I chose the use the Strawberry paste for some Strawberry aroma. You can try using Pandan paste or other colouring. I just brushed the paste directly onto the cake.

2. Do grease the tin pan well for easy removal of the cake from the pan.

3. Do gease the knife well too and ensure that the knife is sharp. Do not saw the cake as glutinous rice cake is very sticky.

4. Oil your hands a little with the vegetable oil before rolling. Otherwise, your fingers will stick onto the cake while rolling and create some dents on the external of the cake.

5. The coated glutinous flour will become transparent when contacted with oil. If you do not like it look whitish, just put a little oil on your fingers and stroke the cake that is coated with the flour gently. Do not put too much oil, unless you like an oily cake.

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Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes


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  • Measuring scale/cup
  • Aluminium tin
  • Steamer

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  • 150g Glutinous rice flour
  • 50g Wheat flour
  • 15g Tapioca flour
  • 100g Sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
  • 300ml Water (using only 200ml of water)
  • 2 teaspoon Vanilla essence
  • Some strawberry paste for brushing
  • 30g Glutinous rice flour (For coating)
  • 4-5 Pandan leaves (for boiling); 4-5 Pandan leaves (for roasting)
  • Some vegetable oil for greasing the tin pan

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soft cake

[title size=”2″]Directions[/title]

1.  Boil 300ml of water with Pandan leaves. Leave it to cool, measure out 200ml of water then add 2 tsp of Vanilla essence.

soft cake

2. Prepare the steamer and grease the aluminium tin with vegetable oil.

3. Sift the glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca flour into a big bowl. Add sugar and mix well.

4. Pour the 200ml vanilla water into the dry ingredients, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and stir well to form thick batter.

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5. Pour the batter into the greased tin pan and steam for 15 minutes.

6. While the cake is being steamed, roast the 30g glutinous rice flour with some pandan leaves for 10 minutes. Alternatively you can toast it for 10 minutes at 180° although I haven’t tried this method.

soft cake
Roast the pandan leaves for 1 minute before adding the glutinous rice flour

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7. Once the cake is ready, remove from steam and brush on the strawberry paste or colouring. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

soft cake

8. Roll it into a cylinder and remove from pan.

9. Coat the cake evenly with the roasted glutinous rice flour by dusting the cutting area with the glutinous rice flour and roll the cake on the flour.

10. Grease the knife with oil and cut the cake to the desired thickness.

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Instead of coating with colouring, you may apply a thin layer of red bean paste, kaya paste or peanut butter paste or other filling as desired. Do note that it should be a thin layer, otherwise it may be difficult to roll nicely and the filling should not be applied till the end of the roll. Leave a little gap at the end of the roll to enable the sticking at tail end. That’s what some of the shops sell. Personally, I have tried red bean filling and it was nice. Have fun trying out with different fillings. [/content_box]


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2 responses to “Teochew Granny’s Cake / Soft Cake 老嬷糕”

  1. Hi Lilian,

    Thanks for trying my recipe. I’m sure with your little modification on the recipe made this soft cake more close to your Teochew kuih. One of friends bought me this soft cake with red bean paste filling from Ipoh and it was really yummy. Perhaps you would like to try it with filling next time 🙂
    Ann Low recently posted…Miso Pumpkin Salad 味噌南瓜莎拉My Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Thank you for your suggestion. In fact, there is a shop in Singapore called Thye Moh Chan selling different fillings. That was where I get the idea to home make it after paying for a high price for a small piece.

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