You do not have to stare blankly in the air while breastfeeding. You may be admiring your cutie pie while you are nursing him/her, but if you nurse him/her every 2-3 hours for at least half an hour or so, probably you will get bored just staring at him/her. Let me give you some ideas, there are 7 things you can do during breastfeeding.

#1: Trim nails

That’s what I always used as an opportunity to do during nursing my twins, trim their nails. Somehow, babies’ nails grow very fast. I have to trim my twins’ nails twice per week, otherwise they would try “filing” their nails using my body or sometimes worse, on my breasts. So, I always keep their nails short. While I nurse them, I trim their fingernails and when they were younger, I managed to trim their toenails as well.

#2: Connect with outside world

At times, I used the breastfeeding sessions as the time when I get to connect with friends, work and outside world. Admittedly, that is the only time when I get some “air time”, virtually time to grasp some breathing air. I checked emails, read Facebook and write my blog while they dozing off from the nursing. Of course, I stole time to watch the television programme when I nursed both of them on the twin feeding pillow when they were young infants.

#3: Singing

If they weren’t dozing off, singing to them was what I sometimes do while nursing. But, the numbers of children songs I know are very limited. So, either I repeatedly sang the same few songs like a broken record or I proceed to the next activity.

#4: Teaching body parts

“So, where are my eyes? Point nose to me? How about showing me your hands?” But, a note of caution, they may decide to use their fingers and poke your eyes or simply into your nose suddenly. See my previous post on “8 amazing facts of breastfeeding twins toddlers“.

#5: Chit-chatting and story telling

I find chatting with them fun especially when they were young infants, I can go on and on talking to them despite that they couldn’t respond using words. In fact, that’s the best time isn’t it? You won’t get bickering yet. Similarly for now, as 16 months old tots, they may not be able to converse well, they can understand more than you thought. It is very fun telling story to them at this age, they tend to mimic the sounds of animals. When I read the story book of “Cheeky Harry”, by the way Cheeky Harry is the name of a lion, the first page said, “Cheeky Harry loves to play”, the next moment, my sons would mimic a lion’s roaring. Not to the exact sound, but good enough!

#6: Day-dreaming

How often do you get to day-dream ever since your little one was born? Or probably I should say, I am too tired to dream and just hit the sack and without realising it’s morning again and so soon. After buzzing for the whole morning of washing up, making breakfast, feeding, clearing poos etc, I yearn for some moment to set myself to the screen-saver mode. I nurse and rest at the same time.

#7: Napping

If day-dreaming is a totally waste of time for you or simply not keen to daze, sleep then. Oxytocin a.k.a “love hormone” is produced during breastfeeding, which is a relaxant that made mummy and baby sleepy during nursing. The role of oxytocin is to facilitate bonding between mummy and baby. During breastfeeding, oxytocin ensures letdown of milk and mummy while nursing receives a huge rush of oxytocin which explained why many mummies feel sleepy during breastfeeding.

Have fun finding more activities to do during breastfeeding. Do share with me your activities by sending me comments. Thank you.

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