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BPA-Free Plastic Containers May Be Just as Hazardous

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These are just few of the many articles that raise concerns over the so-called safe-to-use BPA-Free plastic containers and bottles. Ever since we were aware of this annotation that BPA-Free doesn’t equate to Toxic-free, we have been concerned over the plastic baby bottles, plastic straw bottles, plastic zippy cups and plastic containers that our kids are using. We have been using these BPA-Free plastic bottles for storing my breastmilk, warming the breastmilk as well as fresh milk, and feeding them.

Some of my friends have shared the same concern about these plastic bottles they are using for their kids too. Hence, I started sourcing for plastic alternatives and chanced upon Lifefactory Glass Bottles. I have received the 4oz and 9oz glass baby bottles as well as a 12oz glass adult straw bottles for review. Lifefactory manufactures BPA and BPS-free glass bottles for babies and adult as well as glass containers and glasses.

lifefactory glass bottles

They have the 4oz (120ml) and 9oz (250ml) baby bottles which come with a stage 1 and 2 silicon nipples respectively. In addition to stage 1 and 2 nipples, the nipples also come in stage 3 (6+months) and Y separately, 2 in a box which are made in France. It is standard neck nipple, and I have tried using another brand’s standard neck nipple onto the Lifefactory’s baby bottle and it fits just nice and well without leakage.

Apparently, there are always worries that glass breaks easily in particularly, toddlers who are handling the bottles. One of my tots did conveniently throw his Lifefactory’s baby bottle (with silicon sleeve) onto the floor and the bottle was still in good condition. Compared to the plastic milk bottles, whereby the plastic bottles tend to have a fetid smell after sterilising using the steam steriliser, the glass bottles did not produced any smell after sterilising. In addition, Lifefactory’s glass bottles are made of thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass which allows the bottles to transit safely from freezer to boiling water. You can freeze your breastmilk, warm it and feed it to your baby from the same bottle, and knowing that there is no synthetic substance from the bottle leaching into the milk. The glass bottles are made in France. I have tried freezing the bottle with liquid and right from the freezer, heat it up in 90 degrees hot water! The frozen ice became warm water within 10 minutes.

Sterilising in boiling water

Sterilising in boiling water for first time use

Beside the baby bottles, Lifefactory has the 12oz (350ml), 16oz (475ml) and 22oz (650ml) adult bottles as well. I have used the 12oz straw bottle to make my favourite chilled sour plum lime juice with honey and bring it outside to quench my thirst. I placed it in my bag horizontally, voila no spillage! I am going to let my kids take a sip of the beverage from the straw too. If you don’t like to use straw, you can always change the cap to flip cap or classic cap. All the plastic caps are BPA/BPS-free phthalate-free polypropylene (pp#5), made in US. Similarly for the baby bottle, if you aren’t using the nipple, you can change the cap to flat cap and use it as a storage container.

lifefactory glass bottles

Checking for no spillage and no leakage

lifefactory glass bottles

In fact, my kids and I are attracted by the colourful silicon protective sleeves. Apart from protecting against occasional drop, the sleeve provides a good gripping surface even for the little hands. The silicon sleeves are also made of BPA and BPS-free medical grade material and manufactured in US. I can wash, sterilise and warm the milk without removing the silicon sleeves. Notwithstanding, the sleeves can be easily removed using soapy water and after you wear it back onto the glass bottle, it still fits like a glove. For the matter of fact, the silicon sleeve insulates heat from the glass bottle and my tots can hold the bottles (with the sleeves on of course) right after the milk is warmed. Nonetheless, your fingers could feel the heat of the glass bottle through the holes on the sleeve when you heat up the bottle so do handle with care. Despite that, it also enables you to gauge the temperature of the content therein before serving it to your little ones. There are many colours to choose from, thus giving the boring bottle some colour in life! Did I mention the flip caps and classic caps have varied colours as well, I can match and mix and go playful with the colours!

lifefactory glass bottles

Millimeter marking on the sleeve

lifefactory glass bottles

Ounce marking on the sleeve

lifefactory glass bottles

Naked bottle

Usually, I replace the milk bottles every half year as I still don’t trust plastics especially with the high-heat sterilisation after every use. With these glass bottles, I can save some monies from the replacements. Glass is one of the safest alternatives to plastic, it doesn’t leach any chemical substance, thereby gives us peace of mind when using it. After using both the baby and adult bottles, I simply love it. My mum told me that she used to use glass milk bottles to feed us. So, why are we now using plastic bottles for our own kids?

lifefactory glass bottles

G&G were enjoying their afternoon tea – warm fresh milk

lifefactory glass bottles

Pre-breakfast meal

Lifefactory glass baby bottles are currently selling at S$22 and S$25 for the 4oz and 9oz sizes correspondingly, silicon nipples at S$8 per box (2 in a box) and teethers (dual pack) at S$22. Comparatively, it is more expensive than the usual plastic milk bottles. Withal, if add in the replacement cost of the plastic milk bottles, it is cheaper in long term and the health benefits definitely outweigh the initial cost. For the adult bottles, the prices range from S$28.89 for a 12oz straw cap bottle to S$39.59 for a 22oz straw cap bottle, which are cheaper than some of the plastic alternatives such as BPA-free aluminium bottles and stainless steel bottles of  the popular brands.

Lifefactory’s baby range and adult bottles (12oz and 16oz) are available at Mothercare’s flagship store at Harbourfront Level 3 and VivoCity, and their adult range (12oz, 16oz and 22oz) is available at most of the Watsons’ stores¹.

Disclosure: We have received the sample to do an honest review.

¹As at date of posting, Lifefactory adult bottles are available at the following Watsons’ stores: 112 Katong Mall, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Causeway Point, Changi Airport T3, China Square Central, Clementi Mall, Compass Point, Forum, Great World City, IMM, JEM, Jurong Point, Marina Bay Financial Centre, NEX, Ngee Ann City, Orchard Gateway, Parkway Parade, Rail Mally, Resorts World, Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, Terminal 1 (Check-in), Terminal 3 (Transit), The Star Vista, HarbourFront.

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