Pandan Juice is a common ingredient in many baking and cooking recipes. Pandan juice inevitably is derived from pandan leaves, which is also known as Pandanus amaryllifolius. It is a tropical plant and commonly used as flavouring and colouring in our region. Pandan leaves are commonly found in supermarkets and wet markets. Some households actually grow their own Pandan leaves.


It is really easy to make pandan juice. Without further ado, here is the method.


  • Food processor
  • Fine hole strainer or a handkerchief


  • 20 Fresh Pandan Leaves
  • Water enough to cover the leaves


1. Snip the pandan leaves into very small pieces using scissor as the leaves are very fibrous. Discard the torny tip and white base. Apparently, the torny tip will itch your hands when you squeeze the juice, and the white base is slightly bitter.

pandan 1

2. Put them into a food processor and add water enough to cover the leaves.

3. Blend for 2-3 minutes or until the smell is pleasantly grassy.

4. Strain the blitzed pandan and squeeze it. I prefer to use handkerchief as I can really squeeze out every bit of the juice without any pulp escaping into the juice.

5. To extract the pandan essence, leave the juice in the fridge for at least a day to 2. You will see the juice has 2 layers. The bottom layer is the essence.

pandan 3






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