Double-Boiled Pear. Cough, cough, cough. This is one of the ailments I most hated and it pains me to see my kids coughing. Seemingly that the flu season is getting more frequent compared to probably a decade ago. The Paediatrician clinic seems to be always packed kids with runny noses or cough. When you have twins, it means double trouble when they fall sick. When one fell sick, you don’t need a crystal ball or be any smarter to know that the other will follow shortly. G2 developed phlegmy cough recently and despite any Western medication, his cough didn’t seem to get better. A week later, G1 started his. I was advised to make this traditional Chinese dessert which is commonly known to ease chesty cough, dissolve phlegm and reduce heatiness in the body -Double-boiled Pear with rock sugar,  apricot kernel and Chuan Bei.

Surprisingly, they love the soup and the soft sweet pear!

You will need to use the traditional method of double boiling in order to lock the nutrition in the soup. While the apricot kernel and Chuan Bei are known to treat cough, it must not be taken in excessive amount and in particularly for children. The amount of ingredients have been adjusted for children. If this is cooked for adult, you may double the amount of apricot kernel and Chuan Bei, and rock sugar can be adjusted to taste. I only served my kids the soup and pear but not the crunchy kernels since they are too young to chew the hard stuff.


  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring cup
  • Pot


  • 1 Chinese Pear (雪梨)
  • 8g Rock sugar (冰糖)
  • 5g Chuan Bei (川贝) - may grind into powder or partial powder for better absorption
  • 10g Apricot Kernel (南北杏)
  • 200ml boiled warm water

(Serving size: Approximately 2 children)

double boiled pear



1. Wash and peel the pear. Then, remove the core of the pear. You may cut the pear into wedges after removing the core.

2. Put all ingredients into the double-boiler.


3. Put the boiler into the pot filled with water to half of the height of the boiler. Turn on high heat to boil the water in the pot. When boiling, reduce to low heat and boil for 2 hours. Alternatively, you may use the electrical double boiler.


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