Staycation at Movenpick Heritage Sentosa is a continuation to my previous post on our staycation at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove. If you missed that, just click here.

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Probably, many people are aware of Movenpick ice-cream but not many people know that we have a Movenpick hotel in Sentosa. The Movenpick Heritage Sentosa hotel (“Movenpick”) is a restored colonial building with a tastefully decorated interior. And, it is just a stone away from the Sentosa Express monorail. Nevertheless, to get to the main door located at level 3 of the hotel, which is the closest access to the monorail station, we need to push our baby stroller through a couple of doors to the outdoor area before routing back indoor mainly due to the short flight of stairs in order to get to the door. Then, we met another flight of stairs at the door step whereby we need to carry our stroller down the stairs. Fortunately, we managed to get some help from the hotel staff. I would say, it is rather inconvenient just to push our stroller out of the hotel. Another alternative is to use the lobby door which has a slight slope leading to the road.

We picked Movenpick’s Onsen Suite because we were attracted by their signature room, and decided to try dipping ourselves in the Japanese style hot tub under the warm and humid weather. Japan is one of my favourite countries for holidays and I never fail to have a dip in the onsen whenever I was in Japan. Since we weren’t going to Japan this time, we shall bring Japan to us. The Onsen Suite is a 63 sq’m room with a private outdoor area where the  Japanese style hot tub (“Onsen”) is located. The outdoor area was nicely decorated to provide a sense of serenity within nature and there is an alfresco dining area too. The room was marvellous.

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Movenpick has tried to mimic the real-life natural onsen with a huge stone as part of a decoration to the onsen, or rather does the stone has any natural healing effect, I am not sure. A packet of the onsen powder was provided. You could adjust the temperature of the water by adding cold or hot water from the tap in the onsen. Notwithstanding, the water in the onsen is maintained between 26 – 40 degree. The difference between this and a bath tub is, you do not need to refill the water before you dip and the water is forever warm!

To us, we know how to enjoy an onsen but to G&G, it is just another pool or bath tub for them to enjoy the splashing water. We were concerned over the effect of the onsen powder on their skins, decided to soak ourselves without the powder.

Precaution to families with young children, although the tub is not deep, a note of cautious, do ensure that you do not leave your kids unattended in the tub and for crawling or not-so-steady walker tots, the short flight of stairs and the glass panel at the outdoor area could be hazardous.

The bedroom is smartly designed to give space. After allowing 2 baby play pens and an opened 28” luggage on the floor, there is still room for us to manoeuvre around the room quite comfortably. For coffee addict, fret not, there is a Nespresso machine with capsules provided. In addition, part of the package was the complimentary minibar that came with 2 cans of Asahii beers. How could this be missed out, isn’t it?

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It was a pity that we didn’t receive prompt services from the hotel. The service was rather slow. Our request for play pens (by the way, they do not have baby cot), extra pillows and extra towels took close to 30 minutes to arrive.

Beside the onsen room, we also stayed a night in their deluxe room. Hmm, we weren’t impressed by the room. We were given a smokey room even though there is no smoking room in this hotel and have to request for a change of room. The second room has no smell but the door was a little faulty. Small matter, we decided to let it go. Somehow, the wooden door didn’t have a good sound proofing capability or maybe the other guests were just too rowdy, we could hear other guests talking outside our room before we retired for the night.

In fact, we took the deluxe seaview room package mainly for the Universal Studio entrance tickets which was part of the package. Although we didn’t enjoy the room very much, we enjoyed the Universal Studio!

The breakfast spread was to our satisfaction and the customer service we received during breakfast was excellent. For this staycation, we did not cook breakfast for our twins. We let them enjoyed their international breakfast with us. Although there were limited food they could eat, at least we managed to get Chee-Cheong-Fun, some waffles, buns and fruits that were suitable to fill up their little stomach.

Our overall staying experience with Movenpick Sentosa hotel was pleasant. If the response time to customer’s request could be faster although we know the service staff were trying their best to provide their utmost services, it would have been better. For few moments, we were hesitant over dialling for service, instead we chose to walk to the front desk for assistance.



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