Admittedly, my kiddos have added much varieties to my life. I relate my experiences with them to that of tasting different spices, different moments of sourness, sweetness, bitterness and spiciness at different levels. All for one good cause – a better and more fulfilling life than ever.  “Variety is the spice of life” anyway.


G&G love to play hide-and-seek with each other using the curtain. Yesterday was as usual, while trying to hide behind the thick curtain without realising that the wall was just 1 cm away, G1 continued crawling and sillily hit himself against the concrete. “Waa waa …….” Before I acted like a fanatic mum jumping to comfort my baby, I observed. Just 5 seconds, he seemed to forgot about the bumping, continued to play with G2 and laughing out loud. Inevitably I laughed with them. Humour is infectious!

How often did we, commonly known as grown-up, act like a tight-jawed sourpuss? Frequently, we hit with a problem, mull over it for a long time, and lose our perspective then “become the problem instead”? Children are expert on playing, laughing and do not take life seriously, they live in the present. We could emulate them. How?

1. Bump our head, never mind just move on. Savouring the moment and living the present!

2. Adding a dose of humour, a dose of laughter and a dose of play in our daily life help us surmount challenges.

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