8 Amazing Facts of Breastfeeding Twins Toddlers

8 Amazing Facts of Breastfeeding Twins Toddlers

8 Amazing Facts of Breastfeeding Twins Toddlers! Breast-feeding is wholesome and awesome! I am passionately and committed to breast-feeding for many good reasons, and until today, my tots are coming to 14 months old, I am still doing direct latching with them.

Often or not, for breast-feeding mummies, we face compliments, we hear comments, we receive feedback and we ask for advices. We often get remarks like we are lucky to have breast milk to feed our babies. In my opinion, “lucky” is an under-rated adjective. We are not lucky, we are hardworking, dedicated, assiduous, persevering group of zombie mummies. After long period of not sleeping through the night as we need to either pump our milk or latch our babies every three to five hours, I believe most of us will look like one. By the way, this is one of the ways to keep the supply going. Even though we do not consumed a living being like a zombie does, we eat stuff that may not be palatable to many people and we drink beverages that people normally does not drink, just for a word – Supply. So, how lucky are we? I must say, I never strike any lottery big time before. My husband always calls me “Mama Cow” which I take pride to the title. Too bad, there is no “Papa Cow” though.

Alright, Mama cow has two calves who have just entered into their toddlerhood. How different is breast-feeding two infants compared to two toddlers. I have 8 amazing facts of breastfeeding twins toddlers to share!

(note: certain words may sound offensive to some people but to write such article, I need to use words like breasts, boobs, nipples. They are genuinely normal English words.)

Incredible fact #1 – Not one but two acrobatic performers

I have two aspiring acrobatic performers! Babies in their late infancy or toddlerhood are creative in their breastfeeding positions, at least a million I would say. They could feed with feet in the air, standing on one foot, turning and twisting, raising their bums and walk few steps before settling down in one position for a minute then change to another. All the actions performed while latching on me. “Ouch”!


Incredible fact #2 – I am their water cooler

Typically, a toddler is easily distracted by the things going on around him and becoming less interested in breast-feeding. They would take a sip and off to play, then come back to take another sip. Whether they are sipping or re-connecting with mummy, I can’t help feeling like their water cooler. A water cooler that is constantly dispensing because I have two taking their turns!

Incredible fact #3 – Efficient drinker

An experienced nurser, they are best qualified as efficient drinker. They take lesser time to get the same amount of milk! Usually, a couple of minutes is the length of time they stay on breasts. Initially, I was worried over the amount of milk they are consuming since my breasts do not have any measurement indicator of how much milk they have drank. But, after drinking, I could hear a loud burp from them as if they have just eaten a 10-course meal, my worries became unfound.

Incredible fact #4 – They bite like Piranha

My tots have teeth! Not one, but seven for G1 and 10 for G2. Inevitably, they may grind, chew or bite any moment. The most unwanted timing is when I am nursing them. Their little pearlies look cute but no longer so, when you can feel the  sudden pain at your nipples. “Ouch” again.

Incredible fact #5 – Pacifier, pacifier, pacifier

No mummy wishes to be their lil ones’ pacifier and I am no exception. But, how often does wish come true? Babies seek comfort or warmth from mummy, nothing more real than this. So, being a pacifier at certain point in time is an absolute truth in particularly when babies are going through development changes, teething or sick.


Incredible fact #6 – Be prepared to go blind

Sorry if this caption sounds scary. We all know tots aren’t infants and they don’t nurse quietly. They may play with your eyes, mouth or even nose during nursing. To ensure I keep my eyes, mouth and nose in tact, I talk to them or hand them toy when nursing.

Incredible fact #7 – Sibling rivalry

The very first sibling rivalry of my twins was fighting over their first woman in their life – ME… Oops, my boobs! Whenever one sees that I am feeding another, he would blast out, shove his brother away and squeeze himself in. Very much like a rugby game.

Incredible fact #8 – They don’t have sense of embarrassment

Indeed, tots do not understand embarrassment. Wrestling with them to ensure my nursing cover is still in place when I nurse them in public places are common stance. Or, they can look at you sheepishly while tugging your top for feed!

Veritably, some of these behaviours started when they were 10 months old. So mummies with older infants, beware and have fun! If you have more amazing facts to share, please leave us a comment.


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4 responses to “8 Amazing Facts of Breastfeeding Twins Toddlers”

  1. I had fun reading your blog, especially the 8 incredible facts. My boy is going to be 8 months old next week and he’s already trying different ways to nurse (legs in the air, one leg on the non-nursing boob, fingers poking everywhere, or scratching my face, or hand stuffed into my mouth and yes the occasional blinding stance).

    Happy breastfeeding. Oh! From Aug 1 – Aug 7 is Breastfeeding week!


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