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I am a mummy blogger and my blog mainly focuses on sharing cool tips and tricks on various aspects that are of interests to families and households including cooking, parenting, housekeeping, lifestyle, finances, food as well as different avenues about nurturing the senses and skills of young children. I hope everyone and anyone who visits Kiddo Hut can benefit from the content one way or another. My interests are travelling, trying out new technology gadgets, photography, trying out different eateries and in particularly, whipping up some dishes for my loved ones. My collection of all great recipes including those specifically for young toddlers, are made available in this blog too. Do visit the page - Taste Buds Recipes, they are all easy and fuss-free recipes. Seriously, I have no time for difficult and tedious cooking.

Spaghetti Carbonara

I made this Spaghetti Carbonara for one of the Singapore Home Cooks' Challenges. This is one of my favourite pasta sauces although I am not a cream-based sauce fan. I am more of the liker for tomato based. When I cooked this sauce, I was pretty surprised that this is a rather easy sauce to make [...]

By | December 12th, 2014|Italian, Kid-friendly Recipe, Western Cuisine|0 Comments

Steamed Orange Cake / Cupcake (Gluten-Free)

I do not have nicety photos to show on the making of this Steamed Orange Cake / Cupcake (gluten-free) as I was making this cake using the ingredients I could find in my kitchen and have to do it very quickly for my hungry toddlers. Although I used Gluten-free flour, you can just replace it [...]

By | December 9th, 2014|Fusion Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake|0 Comments

Jiu Fen Taro & Sweet Potato Balls 九份芋圆地瓜圆

Since we won't be making a trip to Taiwan's Jiu Fen (九份) any sooner to eat my husband's favourite dessert: Jiu Fen Taro Balls九份芋圆, I shall make it at home. I remember very clearly the first time we travelled to Jiu Fen, we took a long bus ride there and it was raining throughout, and [...]

By | December 6th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe|0 Comments

Black Vinegar Pig Trotter with Ginger 猪脚薑醋

Black Vinegar Pig Trotter with Ginger is one of the confinement foods for most Chinese women after childbirth, usually to be given after 12th day of delivery. Apparently, black vinegar is to "cleanse" the uterus and the calcium, collagen and oil on the pig trotter to replenish and repair couple of the internal organs, bones [...]

By | December 5th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dishes|2 Comments

Steamed Egg Cake 鸡蛋糕

Steamed egg cake a.k.a steamed egg sponge cake a.k.a Ji Dan Gao is a rather easy steamed cake to make as the main ingredients are flour, sugar and egg. The olden days' recipe is always known to be 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup egg. My mum always shares with me how [...]

By | November 27th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Steamed Cake /Tim Sum|3 Comments

Lemongrass Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera and Lime

Some cold dessert for the warm weather? Ice jelly is commonly found in dessert stalls especially those located in the food centre or hawker centre in Singapore. However, those served in the food centre are usually plain ice jelly. For this lemongrass ice jelly with aloe vera and lime, you can get it in some [...]

By | November 19th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Dessert, Kid-friendly Recipe|0 Comments

Hummus Dip

The first time I had this Hummus dip was 7 years ago on a Singapore Airlines flight to Los Angeles. It was served with biscuits as snack for the long-haul flight. Since then, each time I flew Singapore Airlines flights, I would hoping they would serve this dip again. Nevertheless, none. And, I never knew [...]

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Lapis Sagu 九层糕

Another of my favourite childhood snack - Lapis Sagu 九层糕. What's nice about Lapis Sagu? I love the stretchy texture, the coconut aroma and the peeling layer by layer. And, I am always attracted by the colours as well.  However, what I could get from the stalls is sweet, too sweet for me. So, what's next? [...]

By | November 16th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Peranakan Kueh|1 Comment

Pumpkin Fried Rice

Pumpkin Fried Rice. Pumpkin puree was one of my sons' favourite foods when they were babies and ever since they turned toddlers and prefer more chunky food, I haven't cooked pumpkin for them. In view of a cooking challenge posted by one of the Facebook pages - Singapore Home Cook that requires Pumpkin as a [...]

By | November 15th, 2014|Asian Cuisine, Kid-friendly Recipe, Rice|0 Comments

Meat & Broccoli Patties

While I was trying to think for the next day breakfast menu for my kids, a food programme on the television gave me an idea. I can serve patties to G&G. I love to make my own burger but haven't tried doing one for my kids. Combing through my refrigerator, I found these ingredients that [...]

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