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I am a mummy blogger and my blog mainly focuses on sharing cool tips and tricks on various aspects that are of interests to families and households including cooking, parenting, housekeeping, lifestyle, finances, food as well as different avenues about nurturing the senses and skills of young children. I hope everyone and anyone who visits Kiddo Hut can benefit from the content one way or another. My interests are travelling, trying out new technology gadgets, photography, trying out different eateries and in particularly, whipping up some dishes for my loved ones. My collection of all great recipes including those specifically for young toddlers, are made available in this blog too. Do visit the page - Taste Buds Recipes, they are all easy and fuss-free recipes. Seriously, I have no time for difficult and tedious cooking.

Melon Sago Dessert (蜜瓜西米露)

Melon Sago Dessert is a dessert that is similar to Mango Pomelo Sago which I have blogged last year. Both require no cooking (apart from cooking the sago), chilled dessert, fruit-based and taste really nice with lots of Sago! This dessert is also commonly known as Honeydew Sago or Rock Melon Sago. The reason for naming [...]

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5 Tips to Travel at ease with Young Toddlers

After our twins’ virgin trip to Perth for holidays at the age of 8 months, we brought them to New Zealand last month. Although they are now young toddlers, it wasn’t any easier compared to the earlier trip. They simply couldn't sit still and always ready to explore around. So, what to look out for [...]

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No-cream No-dairy Pumpkin Soup

No-cream no dairy pumpkin soup, anyone? This recipe is especially useful for people who happened to have some pumpkin but no cream at home, who are lactose intolerance, or simply dislike soup that is too creamy. So, without cream nor dairy, what made the soup still looks and tastes creamy? ... Potato, a starchy food, [...]

By | December 31st, 2014|Kid-friendly Recipe, Soup, Western Cuisine|1 Comment

Diabetic Ang Ku Kueh / Red tortoise cake

Diabetic Ang Ku Kueh / red tortoise cake 紅龜粿  is a savoury Ang Ku Kueh that is suitable for diabetic's consumption. Of course, non-diabetic can eat this as well. For people who aren't familiar with this snack, it is traditionally red in colour, moulded to resemble a tortoise shell and has a sticky chewy texture when [...]

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Cheng Tng (清汤)

For readers residing in Singapore, this dessert called Cheng Tng (清汤) which can be served either warm or cold is no stranger. In fact, it is one of the popular desserts served in food court or food centre (a.k.a. hawker centre). In particular to our warm country, a cold bowl of Cheng Tng (清汤) is always welcoming. There [...]

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Snow Cake (云片糕 / 书册糕)

For readers who reside in Singapore, do you remember the white cake that is snowy white in colour, sweet in taste, hard in texture but melt in your mouth and notably, wrapped in the pink paper wrapper? Known as Snow Cake (云片糕 / 书册糕), this is a rather nostalgic, and very popular snack more than [...]

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Naturally Coloured Glutinous Rice Balls 七彩汤圆

I would consider this as my first time making the Glutinous Rice Balls for the winter solstice (冬至), in particular the Naturally Coloured Glutinous Rice Balls 七彩汤圆. When I was young, every year in a particular early morning during the December, my mum would use the edible red powder, the glutinous rice flour and some water to [...]

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Non-Bake Tiramisu

This non-bake Tiramisu recipe is adapted from a baker when I attended a baking lesson in year 2010 just to make a birthday treat for my then-boyfriend, currently my husband. Indeed, quite long time ago and luckily I still have my notes with me. While I was thinking hard what to buy for Christmas for [...]

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Steamed Honey Cheese Cake / Cupcake

If you cannot make up your mind over sweet or savoury, why not combine both and make this Steamed Honey Cheese Cake / Cupcake? We just came back from our New Zealand trip and bought some local honey and cheese as well as some gluten-free self-raising flour. Combining these three ingredients, I came out with [...]

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Beetroot and Pandan Lapis Sagu

Who doesn't like a healthier Lapis Sagu? My toddlers love my Lapis Sagu but I have a concern over the artificial colourings and hence, came up with the natural colourings to make a healthier  Beetroot and Pandan Lapis Sagu for my kids. Inspired by the original Lapis Sagu's red and green, I used Beetroot juice [...]

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